ModCloth Polyvore Outfit Challenge

Hello! Guess who’s back?

I was invited last week to participate in ModCloth’s weekly Polyvore challenge. I couldn’t resist! ModCloth has some absolutely fantastic clothes for this upcoming spring. Check out my creation below, and click on the links to purchase the outfit or any of its pieces directly from While you’re on the site, don’t forget to scope out all the cute dresses you need to update your wardrobe and get ready for this warm weather. xox

1. Dress 2. Bag 3. Shoes 4. Sunglasses 5. Bracelet 6. Lipstick

Currently loving coral and mint

Sorry (again) that it’s been so long since I’ve written. It’s taking some getting used to working full time- after not having done it for about four years. Law school is super busy and eats up all your time, but in an entirely different way than a full time job where they pay you and expect you to know things.

However, with that said, I’m constantly thinking about topics I want to post about and am trying (really, I am) to find time to actually post about them. Once I settle into my job, I think I’ll find more time to stop by and share my thoughts and hopefully hear yours too.

Now that summer is in full swing (hello 90 degree days), I’ve been thinking a lot about what colors remind me of summer and also what to wear to stay cool (as if there’s any hope of doing so). Coral and mint are two colors that I love together and that I think are absolutely worth a try this summer. What colors are you loving together this season?


From the Windows To The Walls…

I’m always trying to find ways to fill up my walls. As I’ve written here before-nothing drives me crazier than white walls, and in this new apartment we have…there are a lot of white walls. I’m at a point where I don’t want to buy artwork just for the sake of filling up space-it has to be something I really want…something of some significance. I usually buy artwork when I travel because I find it’s a great way to remember a place long after I’ve visited. I have a lot of photos framed of California, and Maine…in fact most of my wall art is of the ocean, which is no surprise if you know me.

Since I’m not going to be traveling for a while and still have some prints that still aren’t framed-I need a new plan. Enter: wall stickers. I know what you’re thinking-you can say it out loud. Wall stickers are for children’s room to fill up big white spaces with flowers and zoo’s and jungles. And if you’re thinking that, you’re right. But, that doesn’t mean that wall stickers can’t also be for adults. For instance, I have a giant white rectangular space in my bedroom. It’s across from where I sleep and it is literally driving me nuts. It needs to be filled and a wall sticker is about to be my solution. I’ve found a few online, and I’m currently narrowing down my choices. What are you thought on this decorating tool? Like? Dislike? Tell me how you’re feeling about this.

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Obsessed with Chambray

Sorry I haven’t written in a few days. I have been sick on and off it seems since I’ve moved to New York. The last few days have been awful, and also coincided with my first real job as an attorney. The good news is now I’m getting better and I love my new job.

Since I have a moment, I want to discuss just how much I love chambray. I actually don’t know what I’d do without my chambray shirt this summer. I’m fairly certain everyone is getting sick of seeing it because I wear it with everything, but it’s literally the most versatile piece of clothing I own at the moment. There’s also something about it that reminds me of the 90s. Like, every time I wear it, I’m channeling Kelly Kapowski. Are you also obsessed with chambray this summer? Right now I have one light wash shirt and am desperately seeking a darker wash to mix things up. I also have a chambray skirt and a dress. I wore the light chambray shirt over the dark chambray dress to the zoo on Saturday-suffice it to say I’m more than a little obsessed…

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Fight for Your Right to Wear White…

If there’s one thing I’m not good at/hate purchasing-it’s work clothes. As I’m sure I’ve said before on here, I’m not a suit type of girl. Which, in all fairness, I’m probably in the wrong profession. As it so happens, I start a new job on Thursday which I am beyond excited about. This is a real life adult job though that requires things like…suits and brushed hair. I placed a rather giant order at J. Crew in preparation of this new position and in fact ordered quite a few white items. I figured several things while placing this order including the fact that it’s June, I don’t want to be too warm, and I want to still show that I care about how I look. When the items arrived, I loved most of them, but was actually startled at how much I stuck out in bright white trousers. Is this the type of attention I want for my first week of work? I turned to my lawyerly friends for advice (Note-almost all my friends from high school are lawyers, not to mention some from college and then there are all my law school friends). So, I had a lot of advice to consider after all was said and done. The consensus is to keep the white, but to not wear it at first. I can live with this, and think it’s a wise decision.

So, do you wear white to work? Are there certain colors that should be off limits in the office? I could always use more advice, so someone start talking…

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Bathroom Re-Do

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Alex and I celebrated his birthday early on Saturday with a dinner for our friends. We went to Blue Smoke, which I highly recommend if you love BBQ.

Both my friend and I have been thinking about redoing our bathrooms lately. She’s way ahead of me with the decorating, but there is still work to be done. The first step is figuring out what color scheme you want for your bathroom. Since it’s usually a small space, I think it’s nice to add some crazy colors that you wouldn’t normally go near for a larger space like a living room or bedroom. You can think of your bathroom as your experimental room-as if you were a mad scientist of the decorating variety.

Here is some inspiration for color combinations I’ve come up with. My friend went a with yellow, navy and gray color, which I’m hoping to get photos of soon so I can share them with you!

Teal and Brown


1. Thatcher Wastebasket from Crate and Barrel

2. Thatcher Hamper

3. Cafe Press Shower Curtain

4. Anthropologie toothbrush holder

Gold and Cream


1. Charisma Marrakesh Shower Curtain

2. Mike and Ally Soap Dish

3. KraftWare Wastepaper Basket

Red and Orange


1. Jonathan Adler bath accessories

2 .Jonathan Adler bathroom rug

3. Agraria bath bar


Sunny Days…

So, today isn’t sunny, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a whole lot of hope for the weekend. I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at new sunglasses recently. Usually I make split decisions when shopping, but for some reason, shopping for sunglasses takes me an abnormally long amount of time. There really are too many choices. I’ve narrowed down my decision based on my likes and dislikes.

Likes: cateye, tortoise, dark lens, big frame, two-toned, gold accents

Dislikes: clear lenses (if you can see my eyeballs, are they really sunglasses?), narrow frames, anything neon (because really, I can only wear those to outdoor music festivals and fit right in-so not the best bang for my buck), and anything over $400 (I have my limits).

With that said, my favorite brands right now are Chanel and Jimmy Choo. More specifically, I have my eyes set on the Jimmy Choo Beatrix glasses in brown. They check all the boxes and are just different enough to get noticed without being outlandish. Now to check Ebay/Sample Sales/Gilt Groupe for that extra discount before committing…

Happy Weekend!

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Picking a Swim Suit

As we’re now in the throws of summer (well, spring-summer), I think it’s high time we discuss swimsuits. Bathing suits are not typically something I enjoy shopping for-which is probably why I have not bought a new one in about five years. This doesn’t mean I shouldn’t though. This summer I’m determined to find a new, bright shiny bathing suit.

The process isn’t easy. Bathing suits come in an overwhelming amount of styles and price points. Bikinis, tankinis, one pieces… how do you choose? Really, you have to pick what’s best for your body type. I’m personally loving retro style suits with a high waist and adorable pattern. Whichever suit you pick this season, make sure to get to the beach and enjoy this gorgeous weather before sweater season is upon us.

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1. Kushcush Lauren One Piece

2. Zimmermann Zoey Bikini

3. Michael Kors Tankini

4. Suboo One Piece

5. Zinke Starboard Bustier Bikini

6. Lolli Mixed Floral Bathing Suit

7. UO Floral Bikini

Wedding Wednesday’s -Back in Action

I haven’t written a wedding Wednesday post in a while. Wedding planning hit a lull for the last few months, which was actually pretty nice while I was waiting for my bar results and moving to New York City. Now it’s picked up again with invitation proofs, meetings with lighting designers, trying on a zillion wedding bands, makeup trials, searching for wedding shoes, deciding on wedding music, and so much more.

In exciting news- Nordstrom’s has just started carrying Vera Wang wedding dresses that can be found here. I wound up going to the boutique on Madison Avenue, but since I love Nordstrom’s so much and their personalized service-I’m on board with this.

I was recently talking with my friends about wedding shoes. I stopped off at Woodbury Commons outlets on the way up to Saratoga last Thursday in the hopes of finding something I liked at Jimmy Choo, Valentino or YSL. All I wound up seeing was 4-7 inch heels that didn’t look anything like wedding shoes. I’m all for wearing an unconventional wedding shoe-but it absolutely has to be something I can stand in for more than 10 minutes. Some favorite looks below as my search continues…

Tech Talk

My friends and I came to a revelation over the weekend- the way we store our technology really differs between men and women. I thought my fiance was crazy for not putting a cover on his iPhone for protection. I would ask him questions like “well, what if you drop it?” And he’d reply with- “well, I just won’t drop it.” I didn’t really have a reply, but intuitively, I know my iPhone is safer than his. I also discovered that my friends significant others also don’t cover their iPhones. So, for all the women out there (and some men if there are any)- here are some great new tech covers for your iPhones, iPads, ieverything…because while showing off the sleekness of our gadgets is fun in and of itself-so is accessorizing your technology to show off your personality.


From Top Left: Rebecca Minkoff leather ipad case, leather ipad case, Free People floral iPhone case, cote & ciel macbook sleeve, retro tv macbook sleeve, girl by Banksy macbook decal, Queens Guard ipad portfolio, Kate Spade Chevron iPhone Case, Kate Spade iPad portfolio, Kate Spade Mexican Floral Sleeve, Valentino iPhone case, Ted Baker floral iPhone case, Balenciaga iPhone pouch